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Meet the Soldiers of tough times - Their thoughts

Image by ian dooley

Being associated with XITAMIN for past 1 year, one thing that I have learned and cherish, is that how to be patient at tough times. Priya Ma'am and Praveen sir truly have helped me a lot at both personal and professional front. They have always taken care of me and other employees as a guardian. Whatever I am today is because of their constant support and teachings.

Utpal Kumar, Senior Account Manager

I have learnt different terms of Amazon and different portals here.. came a long way to achieve my dream work from fresher to an experienced. Thanks to Xitamin and my hard work.

Shipra Shivangi, Senior Performance Manager

Image by ian dooley
Image by ian dooley

Surviving in the corporate world has a lot to do with the attitude you carry with yourself. If you do not have the right one, you will never fit in, unless you wanna build your own business empire and are too sure about your plans. Here are a few things I abide by :
Work is worship’ ain't just cliche. Sincerity, determination, focus are qualities that will really take you places. Unless you love what you do, you will never enjoy your work.
Respect your managers, leads and mentors. You often are put in situations where you end up hating them more often than you would want. So I would say continue in doing your best. Having said that we all know that, EXCEPTIONS do exist.

Amrita Bharti, Senior Acc. Health Manager

I have achieved the quality of leadership, become the expertise of every e-commerce portals, got certificates in flipkart..all because of Xitamin and my dedication.

Ankit Kumar, Senior Listing Manager

Image by ian dooley
Image by ian dooley

In the past 5 months, I have learned so many things which are worth learning. The constant support and guidance given by every core members and the top management has really made me a better professional. The work culture here is really unique. If you have the dedication to work, they will recognize your efforts.

Manish Kumar, Marketing Team Head

I love working here as I have got so many opportunities to learn and try new things. Being a fresher, they gave me a chance and made me learn everything through their intensive yet enjoyable training. After I successfully completed my training, I was assigned to a team where my team leader and other members are always there to help me out in any difficult task

Nancy Kumari, Performance Manager

Image by ian dooley
Image by ian dooley

After joining Xitamin and working with this organization I learnt to exercise discipline and treat each person equally. I have also learnt  how to deal with different kinds of people. Working with team member who always double check my work I learnt to be detail- oriented. Apart from these I also learnt to be focused and value people. I see myself self improved.

Sanyukta Kumari, Account Health Manager

My journey is started in xitamin from 17feb 2020 I have learnt so many new things from this company as well as from my seniors and colleagues ..all my senior and colleagues are very supportive and it's feels good to be part of xitamin . Hope our company will keep doing well with same dedication.

Archana Kumari, Account Manager

Image by ian dooley
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