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In the e-commerce world, listing and cataloging are indispensable parts of an e-retailer’s business needs. At Xitamin, we assist online storefronts with integrating the product data with attributes, proper classification and categorization along with shipping policies, warranty information, and manufacturing details to assure the buyer of a quality product. With unwavering IT infrastructure and trained professionals, we give you a faster and an effective listing via multiple mechanisms such as the listing loader, flat file formats, etc.

Our cataloging and listing services ensure:
  1. Thoughtful and evolved titles

  2. Appropriate category selection.

  3. Adding keywords to your listing to help customers find your products on Amazon.

  4. Product highlights according to seasonal needs.

  5. Customer response through accurate and inviting description and arrangement of calculated prices.

  6. E-commerce data entry facility.

  7. Catalog building and indexing services.

  8. Content management for cataloging.

  9. Virtual back-office support.

  10. Catalog conversion services.

  11. Multilingual catalog processing services.


By choosing us, you’ll be choosing the best-in-industry e-commerce marketing experts to process and develop your catalog. Xitamin is a leading partner with e-commerce marketplaces i.e. Amazon and Flipkart with a keen understanding of the B2C business model. We make sure that you ride the wave of e-commerce business without any stress of management and cataloging of your products or inventory.

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